Council Vacancy Information

City Council Vacancy

Notice of Intention to Fill a Vacancy for
Member of the City Council by Appointment

Procedure for the City Council to Fill Council Member Vacancy at the City Council Meeting November 21, 2017

1.  City Council Appointment Process
  1. Explanation of appointment process (Mayor Foster)
  2. Public Comment – Comments for this item will only be taken at this time  Comments will be limited to one (1) minute. (Mayor Foster)
  3. Presentation by candidates (Mayor Foster)
  4. Nomination Process (City Clerk Donaldson)
      i.    Round 1 – Top three (3) candidates
      ii.    Round 2 – Top two (2) candidates
      iii.   Round 3 – Top candidate *
(*NOTE: Nomination process will repeat until a majority vote is achieved.)          
  1. Announce appointment of new Council Member (City Clerk Donaldson)
  2. Recess City Council Meeting for five minutes (Mayor Foster)
  3. Swearing in of new Council Member (City Clerk Donaldson)
  4. Comments from new Council Member