Community Services

Business Watch

Business Watch is a crime prevention program, which enlists the active participation of Business Owners in cooperation with Law Enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

Crime Prevention

The Redlands Police Department’s goal is to reduce crime by the education of the community. The Crime Prevention and Community Education Unit will oversee and coordinate crime prevention activities and make presentations to citizen, community, and school groups regarding crime and safety issues

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the active participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities.

Pill Collection

The Redlands Police Department allows residents to deliver all of their unused, unwanted, or expired medications to law enforcement officials.

Responsible Redlands - Enforcing Alcohol Laws

Redlands Police Department Responsible Redlands initiative—a collaborative effort facilitated by the Redlands Police Department—focuses on curbing problems related to binge and underage drinking through ongoing strategic operations to enforce existing alcohol laws.

Victim Rights/Parallel Justice

The Redlands Police Department is committed to protecting and advocating for victims of crime. The RPD has officially embraced Parallel Justice as one of the Department’s five core initiatives and added the language “helping victims rebuild their lives” to the Department’s list of organizational guidelines to send a clear message, both internally and to the public, that this approach comes from the top and should be taken seriously.

While You Are Away

Your home can be a target of opportunity for burglars when you are away on vacation. The Redlands Police Department wants to help protect residents’ property from opportunistic thieves with a new vacation program designed to catch criminals in the act.

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