Census 2020


Census 2020

CENSUS 2020: Our community needs your help to get a Complete Count!

You can enter your census information here: https://2020census.gov/en.html

What Is the 2020 Census?

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.

How does the Census impact you and your community?

There are many ways the 2020 Census can shape your community. The results, collected once a decade, help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year. These dollars can go toward new roads, new schools, and recovery after a natural disaster, among many other community needs.
The census determines how much representation each state has in Congress. State and local officials also use census counts to draw boundaries for congressional, state legislative, and school districts.

Who is required to respond?

Everyone living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories is required by law to be counted in the 2020 Census.

What are some important dates?

March 12-20, 2020 – You will receive an invitation to respond online to the 2020 Census
March 16-24, 2020 – You will receive a reminder letter to respond
If you haven’t responded yet:
March 26-April 3, 2020 – You will receive a reminder postcard
April 8-16, 2020 – You will receive a reminder letter and paper questionnaire
April 20-27, 2020 – You will receive a final reminder postcard before Census staff follow up in person

California is known as one of the hardest states to count in the nation, but you can help change that. Getting a complete count starts with you!
Please visit https://2020census.gov/en.html for full details on data privacy & security, why your answers matter, and more details on how the Census data is used.