RPD launches site to update public on reported school threats


March 16, 2018 – In an effort to provide the community with accurate information on reported school threats, the Redlands Police Department, working in cooperation with the Redlands Unified School District, will provide a central online information hub to keep parents, students and the community informed of the current investigation status of rumored threats to Redlands schools. 

Anyone concerned about a rumored threat to a school campus in Redlands, is encouraged to review the site at http://cityofredlands.org/police/schoolsafetyupdates to see the status of the investigation. The website replicates similar efforts by other local police departments. Members of the public who may have a tip about a threat that is not listed on the site are encouraged to call the Redlands Police Dispatch Center at 909-798-7681, ext. 1.

The Redlands Police Department will post information as soon as we are able to verify it and determine that publication of the information will not endanger the health and safety of the district’s students or staff, the neighboring community or public safety personnel.

School safety is among the highest priorities of the Redlands Police Department. The department takes any threat against a school campus seriously and immediately investigates those threats to the fullest extent possible. Any time a credible threat is identified, RPD will put extra resources at any affected campuses. The department has worked closely over the past several years with the Redlands Unified School District and the University of Redlands to conduct regular “active shooter” training. The department and the district are in the process of planning additional training exercises.