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Redlands Municipal Airport is secured by fencing with restricted access gates. The general public is allowed in the public parking lot and the public lobby, however, access is controlled to the tie-down, hangar and flight operation areas of the field.

Gate Card Renewal

Any pilot, aircraft owner, or other person with verified business at Redlands Municipal Airport may obtain a vehicle gate access card in order to access the airport grounds. The gate cards may be obtained from the City of Redlands, One Stop Permit Center, 35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A, (909) 798-7551, ext. 7 with the completion of the Vehicle Gate Access Control Card Application.

Airport Gate Cards Renewal By Mail

If you need to renew your Airport Gate Card you can now download and print the application, with changes if necessary, and enclose your check and send to:

One Stop Permit Center
35 Cajon St, 15A
Redlands, Ca 92373

Please note that early renewal will help ensure uninterrupted service.


The fee for the vehicle gate access cards are established by City Council Resolution and are as follows:

  • New Annual Card - $25.00

  • Renewal of Annual Card - $15.00

  • Replacement Card - $15.00

  • Temporary Card - $10.00

  • Multi-User Annual Card - $10.00 (Requires family relationship with primary card holder)

  • Renewal of Multi-User Card - $10.00

  • Refundable Deposit for all Cards* - $10.00 (* Must be returned in good condition)

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