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The list below describes just some of the ways that we use iOS devices to improve the delivery of police services to the Redlands community. Provisioning devices to department personnel…

  1. Allows department personnel to immediately distribute wanted fliers, officer safety information, missing-at-risk person’s photos, and crime analysis information. 
  2. Allows for timely capture from business video surveillance systems that cannot be accessed at the time of the investigation.
  3. Allows personnel to access the computer aided dispatch system to assess calls for service and workload issues as they are occurring.
  4. Allows officers to document crime scenes. 
  5. Allows officers to access up-to-date California Penal Code and California Vehicle Code documentation without having to purchase costly hard copies.
  6. Enables the reporting of blight and other issues via the city's reporting app to ensure that issues are addressed promptly. 
  7. Facilitates immediate access to off-duty employees during emergencies. 
  8. Facilitates access to CopBook, the department’s secure data sharing platform.
  9. Facilitates creation of photo lineups and dissemination of suspect photos to reduce officer investigation time.
  10. Facilitates communication with community members.
  11. Facilitates access to centralized department calendars and appointments.
  12. Facilitates rapid dissemination of vital information via text messaging to multiple units / personnel.
  13. Provides anytime access to department e-mail accounts.
  14. Provides audio recording capabilities when interviewing witnesses.

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