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Citizen Complaint Form

Community Video Registry Form
The Community Video Registry form gathers video system information that makes accessing the images, either real-time or after an incident has occurred, a more effective process, and puts you in contact with Police personnel who can advise you on “best practices” for using a video system.  A sketch of individual video system coverage areas will help the Police Department maintain a map of where video may be available for outdoor and public areas throughout the Redlands.  Please complete the Community Video Registry form and either mail or deliver it to the Police Annex, 30 Cajon St, Redlands CA 92373, Attention: Russ Dalzell.

Redlands Police Department Ride-Along Application

Non-Investigated Report
A Non-Investigated Report is used to report crimes and incidents when there is no known suspect or when the suspect is known but no prosecution is desired. It cannot be used to report crimes against persons (such as assaults or domestic violence). Non-Investigated Reports can be filed for the following crimes: Thefts, Vehicle Burglaries, Vandalism, Annoying or Obscene Phone Calls, Attempted Auto Theft, Lost Property. Print this form and complete it. The completed form must be signed by the reporting party and returned to the Redlands Police Department, 30 Cajon St., Redlands, CA or faxed to the Records Bureau at (909) 798-7639.

Delayed Traffic Collision Report Form

Print this form and complete it if you wish to file a late traffic collision report. The completed form must be signed by the reporting party and returned in personto the Redlands Police Department, 30 Cajon St., Redlands, CA

Business Notification System Form

Print this form and complete it in order to provide the Redlands Police Department with emergency contact information for your business. The Business Notification System allows us to contact you in the event of an emergency involving your business and, in the event of problems, to assure your business is not left unsecured. All information will remain confidential. The completed form may be mailed or returned in person to the Redlands Police Department, Attn: Dispatch, 1270 W Park Ave, C Redlands, CA, 92373 or you may return it by FAX to (909) 335-4793

 Citizen Volunteer Application

 Citizen Volunteer Patrol Application

Citizen Volunteer Patrol Ranger

Explorer Application

The process to become a Redlands Police Department Explorer is designed to determine which candidates possess the desired traits, attitudes and willingness to learn. The Explorer program is a youth oriented program sponsored by the Redlands Police Department and affiliated with the special interest phase of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The program has the primary  purpose of providing a means by which young men and women may determine, through actual experience, if they would like to  pursue a career in law enforcement as adults.

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