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Creating actionable intelligence information requires a two-way flow of data; users should be able to retrieve data but they should also be able to generate new data. The FI app will facilitate data collection by allowing the user to complete field interview cards via their iPhone. This app will upload the data to a server which will then be imported into the RPD’s records management system.

Create FI allows the user to enter a new FI while the Search Name function allows the user to search the existing names database. If an existing person is found they can save time entering data by copying over relevant details.

Personal information is collected in the first data entry option. This includes fields such as name, contact information, appearance information, and identification. Data about the vehicle is captured under the Vehicle Information section. This will allow the user to enter information about the type of vehicle associated with the stop.  Finally, users will need to enter data about the location of the field interview. The device’s GPS will be used to provide an estimate of the user’s location. The user will have the ability to override this position if necessary. Users can then take a photo and add any final comments about the location.

When sufficient information has been filled in, the user will be presented with the screenbelow. Taping on “Complete Interview” sends the FI to the “Stack”, a temporary repository where completed but un-submitted FIs are stored.

When data is successfully uploaded to the server the app reports that the transmission has been completed.


This project was supported by Award No2010-DE-BX-K006, awarded by the National Institute of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department of Justice.

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