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35 Cajon Street Suite 15A

The One Stop Permit Center is open 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday.  It is closed alternate Fridays.  Check the city calendar for closed Fridays.

The City of Redlands One Stop Permit Center offers a single place for residents and developers to submit and coordinate projects and plan checks to ensure efficient and effective service and support from Building and Safety, Planning and Engineering personnel.

Building & Safety

California Building & Standards Commission


Building Permit

  Building Permit Application

  Central Inverter

  Deck Standards

  Garden Wall Standard

  Micro Inverter

  Patio Cover Standard

  Pilaster Standard

  Retaining Wall and Garden Wall Combo

  Retaining Wall Standard

 Self-Certification & Verification Form
    -Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Retrofit
    -Water Efficient Plumbing Fixture Retrofit

  Submittal Check List

  Temporary Tent Structures

  Typical Stake Anchorage for Temporary Tent Structures

Plan Check Requirements

  Commercial Plan Check

  Construction Data

  Garage Plan Check

  Residential Plan Check

  Room Addition Plan Check

  Tenant Improvement Plan Check

Release of Certificate Occupancy

  Commercial Form

  Residential Form


  Residential Wood-frame Construction handout

Development Services

Address Request

Request an address for new development.

  Address Request Application

Adult Oriented Business Regulatory Permit

Every person who proposes to maintain, operate or conduct an adult oriented business in the city shall file an application with the chief of police.

  Adult Oriented Business Regulatory Permit Form

Approved Consultants

  List of Approved Consultants

Architectural Guidelines

View Guidelines

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA)

A COA is an application upon which the Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission makes a decision to alter, demolish, move, or subdivide a building/property which has been designated as a Landmark or Historic Resource by the City Council.  This means that any modification to the outside of the structure must be approved through this application.

  Certificate of Appropriateness Application


The demolition of buildings is subject to review by the Environmental Review Committee and/or the Historic and Scenic Preservation Committee.

  Application for Demolition

Development Application

  Click here for further information

  Development Application Form

Fee Schedule

Click here for Fee Schedule

Historic Resource Designation

The Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission has the primary responsibility of making a recommendation to the City Council on the designation of an individual structure as a Historic Resource. A structure with esthetics, architectural or historical value which is fifty (50) years old or older may be designated as a Historic Resource. A structure with exceptional esthetics, architectural, or historical value may be designated as a Landmark Resource.

  Historic Resource Designation Application

Home Occupation Permit

A Home Occupation Permit allows people to conduct business out of their home under certain circumstances.  Any time you perform any work from your home or use your home address as the place of business, then you mush obtain a Home Occupation Permit.  This includes businesses such as painters, gardeners, or consultants who work at their clients homes.  In order to qualify for a Home Occupation Permit you must meet certain criteria.

  Home Occupation Permit Procedures

  Home Occupation Permit Application

Legislative Projects

  Click here for further information

  Legislative Projects Application

Mills Act Application

Minor Exception Permit

A minor exception permit is necessary for fences, solar panels and vehicle/boat storage that does not conform to the Redlands Municipal Code.

  Minor Exception Permit Application

Newspaper Rack Placement Permit

  City of Redlands Municipal Code Information

  Newspaper Rack Placement Permit Application

Preliminary Review
Preliminary Review Application

Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities

The City of Redlands has established procedures to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made for persons with disabilities. Any person with a disability may submit an application for reasonable accommodation or variance from the requirements of City zoning or building codes by submitting an application to the city’s community development director who may deny, approve or conditionally approve the request or pass the request along to a designated city committee (Ord. 2656 § 1, 2007).

  Reasonable Accommodation for Persons with Disabilities Application


  Click here for further information about the sign code

  Application for Sign/Flag Test

  Sign Permit Application

  Temporary Sign Permit Application for Banners

  Downtown Business District Sign

  Click here for further information

  Downtown Business District Sign Application

Temporary Sales & Special Events Application

  Application for Temporary Sales and Special Events

Subdivision Map Act - Certificate of Compliance

Regulation and control of the design and improvement of subdivisions.

  Certificate of Compliance Application

Time Extension

You can apply for a time extension for the following permits: Commission Review and Approval, Conditional Use Permit, Tentative Tract Application and Minor Subdivision Application.

  Time Extension Application


Sometimes in developing a project an applicant may find that they cannot meet some development standard because of a unique or special condition that effects their property. For these types of situations a Variance Application can be submitted with the project.

  Click here for more information

  Variance Application

Municipal Utilities & Engineering

Encroachment Permits

Click here for more detailed information.

  Outdoor Dining Permit Application

  Outdoor Merchandise Sales Permit Application

  Road Encroachment Permit Application

  Street Closure for Social Event Permit Application

    An example of a social event would be a block party.

  Street Closure Permit Application

  Truck Route Application

  Wideload/Oversized Permit Application

Grading Permit

A Grading Permit is required for any grading of 50 or more yards of earth on property within the City of Redlands. The Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department will review and approve grading plans, and issue the grading permit. Fees for a grading permit are based on the development and can be obtained from staff or viewed on this form. The permit form is in a pdf fillable format. It may be typed online, printed, signed and submitted to the One Stop Permit Center.

  Grading Permit Application

Traffic and Parking

Traffic and parking requests can be made to the Traffic and Parking Commission. Requests can involve any type of concern regarding traffic, including stop signs, speed limits, potential hazard areas or other concerns.

  Click here for further information

  Traffic and Parking Commission Agenda Item Application

Quality of Life

Barricade Rentals

Barricades are only rented to recognized non-profit/civic groups located within the City of Redlands.

  Barricade Rental Form

Park Reservations

The use of the City of Redlands' parks by groups of 50 or more people require a permit. Reservations are currently required for the Redlands Bowl in Smiley Park, and the Avice Meeker Sewall Theater in Prospect Park. Group picnic tables located in Sections "A" and "C", the gazebo and the covered picnic area in Sylvan Park can also be reserved.

  Click here for further information

  Avice Meeker Sewall Theater Reservation Form

  Redlands Bowl Reservation Form

  All Other Park Reservations Form

  Permit to Serve Alcohol in Public Parks

Prospect Park Sign Request

Rental of the sign area at Prospect Park is limited to Redlands not-for-profit cultural organizations advertising a local event.

  Prospect Park Sign Reservation Form

Public Tree Encroachment Permit

All trees to be planted in the public right-of-way need a public tree encroachment permit.

  Click here for further information

  Public Tree Encroachment Permit Application

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