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The articles below illustrate the connection between bike lanes and cyclist safety.


Safe bicycling involves much more than just wearing a helmet. In most states, a bicycle is considered a “vehicle” (like cars, trucks, and motorcycles), and all bike riders must follow and obey the same laws as the drivers of other vehicles.


Review of 23 studies on bicycling injuries found that bike facilities (off-road paths, on-road marked bike lanes, and on-road bike routes) are where bicyclists are safest:

When protected green lanes are installed in New York City, injury crashes for all road users (drivers, pedestrians and cyclists) typically drop by 40% and by more than 50% in some locations:


The installation of many miles of new bike lanes in New York City did not lead to an increase in bike crashes, despite the increase in number of cyclists:


Study found that bicycling on separated facilities like green lanes is safer than riding on streets without bicycle facilities. Cyclists were also 2.5 times more likely to ride on green lanes than on the streets:


Study found that separated bike paths have better air quality than traditional bike lanes:


86% of respondents feel “safe” or “very safe” riding on Chicago’s Kinzie Street green lane, compared with just 17% in traditional bike lanes:


Protected green lanes reduce bicyclist injury up to 90%:


New York City’s protected bike lane on 9th Avenue led to a 56% reduction in injuries to all street users, including a 57% reduction in injuries to people on bikes and a 29% reduction in injuries to people walking, as well as an 84% reduction in sidewalk riding:


After installation of a protected green lane on Columbus Avenue in New York, traffic crashes, speeding and sidewalk riding all decreased:


65% of Americans who don’t bicycle say they would like to ride more often:


How bike lanes increase safety of all road users:


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