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Bid & Award: 

There are no projects at this time awaiting Bid & Award.

Under Construction:

2015 Citywide Sidewalk Repair Project

This project will install/repair sidewalks throughout the City. Throughout the City, approximately 11.3 miles or four percent of City’s sidewalk are in disrepair. A budget of $901,000 is available for this project to remove and replace damaged sidewalks.
Please direct questions about specific sites to Olivia Crowley, Community Relations Coordinator at
909-798-7524 ext. 2.

Expected Completion Date: April 2016


CDBG 13/14 Sidewalk/ADA Ramps

Upon completion, this project will add sidewalks and ADA access ramps in areas where no such facilities exist. Also, portions of High Avenue, Seventh Street, Ninth Street, W. State Street, and W. Citrus Avenue will be widened.

View the CDBG project area map here

Completion Date: April 2015

Safe Routes to School (SR2S) Cycle 8

Project Location(s):Various locations around Clement M.S., Franklin E.S., Judson-Brown E.S., Lugonia E.S.

Within a 2-mile radius of the target schools the following improvements are proposed; new school zone signage including flashing beacons and vehicle speed feedback signs, crosswalk will be re-painted, new ADA ramps and new sidewalks will be constructed, and new striping and signage for bike routes.

Completion Date: January 2015

Cycle 2 Safe Routes to Schools

Project Location(s): 3 School locations will benefit from the installation of sidewalks and ADA ramps around the following schools:

  • Kingsbury Elementary
  • Smiley Elementary
  • Cope Middle School

This project will install sidewalks and ADA access ramps in areas where no sidewalks exist, or sub-standard sidewalks and ramps are present. The sidewalks and ramps will be installed in locations where pedestrians are likely to use them going to school.

Completion Date: September 2014 





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