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A Specific Plan is a document that sets the Development Standards for a portion of land within the City. Specific Plans can be very general or detailed in nature. Regardless of the content, all Specific Plans and their Amendments must be reviewed by the Environmental Review Committee, Planning Commission, and final action from the City Council including a Socio Economic-Cost Benefit Analysis.

Specific Plans usually supplement or replace the City's Zoning because the City Council desired to have special standards for that area. If you live in a Specific Plan Area it is labeled on the Zoning Map and that would contain the Development Standards and allowed uses. The City has Specific Plans for the Lucky Center, Sunset Hills, Redlands Corporate Center, and the Redlands Airport Area among others. The largest Specific Plan is the East Valley Corridor Specific Plan which runs roughly from Tennessee Street at Colton Avenue west to Mountain View Avenue, south to Barton Road, and north to the Santa Ana River.

Any Specific Plan can be amended by the City Council. If you wish to amend a Specific Plan you must submit an application and required fees. The process will include review from the Environmental Review Committee, Planning Commission, and City Council. A Socio-Economic Cost Benefit Analysis may be required for a Specific Plan or Amendment to a Specific Plan and the applicant should talk to staff for the appropriate answer. For an explanation of the meetings involved, please refer back to the Development Process Introduction page.

Downtown Redlands Specific Plan

The purpose of the Downtown Redlands Specific Plan is to organize and analyze information regarding Downtown Redlands into a set of comprehensive goals, policies and standards that will guide
the urban form, land use, and design of future development. The Specific Plan envisions Downtown as a cohesive neighborhood with a well-defined hierarchy of blocks and streets, and a distinct historical urban form.

Downtown Specific Plan No. 45
Revised through February 3, 2015
Proposed Downtown Specific Plan
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Downtown Redlands Specific Plan Adopted June 21, 1994

East Valley Corridor Specific Plan

The East Valley Corridor Specific Plan is available and updates will be coming soon to reflect current code changes.

Cover & Title Page
Document Updates
Division 1 - General Provisions
Division 2 - Plan Foundation

Division 3 - Community Land Use pages 1-39

Division 3 - Community Land Use pages 40-81
Division 4 - Community Design pages 1-42

Division 4 - Community Design pages 42 - 86
Division 5 - Overlay Districts
Division 6 - Community Facilities

Updated May 12th, 2004

East Valley Corridor Environmental Impact Report Part 1
Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5




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