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The Citrus Preservation Commission recommends to the City Council policies for the acquisition, improvement, preservation, and retention of citrus properties within the City.


Meets at 4:00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of each month
Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department Conference Room
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15-A


Staff Liaisons - Kelsey Gormley, Will Hamilton, Ashley Claire Johnson
Council Liaison - Jon Harrison, Paul Foster

Our Next Regular Citrus Preservation Commission meeting is October 13th, 2015, and will be held in the  Municipal Utilities and Engineering Department Conference Room at 4:00pm



Seven (7) members are appointed by the City Council to serve a four-year term. Currently, the following individuals serve on this board:

Member Term Start Term Ends
Rolland Moore 5/7/13 4/16/16
Wayne Mishak 11/4/09 4/16/16
Andrew Irvin 6/6/06 4/16/18
Gary McCormick 4/3/12 4/16/16
Peter Buoye 4/16/09 4/16/18
Bill Oesterlein 5/6/14 4/16/18
Jack Steward 5/6/14 4/16/18



October 13th, 2015

Notice of Adjournment September 8th, 2015

Notice of Adjournment August 10th, 2015

July 14th, 2015

June 9th, 2015

May 12th, 2015

April 14th,2015

March 10th,2015

February 10th, 2015

January 13th, 2015

December 9th 2014

Special Meeting on November 4th, 2014

Notice of Adjournment October 14th, 2014

September 9th, 2014

Notice of Adjournment August 12th, 2014

Notice of Adjournment- July 8th, 2014

June 10th, 2014

Minutes of Past Meetings

September 8th, 2015 (To Be Approved)

August 11th, 2015 (To Be Approved)

July 14th, 2015 (To Be Approved)

June 9th, 2015

May 12th, 2015

April 14th, 2015

March 10th,2015

February 10th, 2015

January 13th, 2015

December 9th,2015

September 9th, 2015


140610-CPC.pdf36.41 KB
2-11-14 CPC Minutes.doc642.5 KB
8-12-2014 CPC Agenda.pdf15.44 KB
9-9-14CPC Agenda.doc29.5 KB
11-4-14CPC.pdf16.7 KB
12-9-14CPC Agenda.pdf138.05 KB
CPC Agenda 1-13-15.pdf237.98 KB
Agenda Joint Special Meeting - Citrus Preservation.pdf31.3 KB
3-10-15CPC Agenda.pdf212.83 KB
2-15-15 CPC Minutes.pdf66.69 KB
1-13-15 CPC Minutes.pdf64.58 KB
12-9-2014 CPC Minutes.pdf44.16 KB
9-9-14 CPC Minutes.pdf43.68 KB
CPC 5-12-15.pdf1.05 MB
CPC 4-14-2015 Minutes.pdf62.77 KB
6-9-2015 CPC Minutes.pdf82.48 KB
7-14-15 CPC Agenda.pdf213.76 KB
6-9-15 CPC Agenda.pdf215.16 KB
CPC Minutes-5-12-15.pdf79.83 KB
07-14-15 CPC Minutes.pdf64.7 KB
CPC-NOTICE OF ADJOURNMENT-8-10-2015 (1).pdf80.58 KB
CPC-NOTICE OF ADJOURNMENT-9-8-2015 (1).pdf80.4 KB
CPC-NOTICE OF ADJOURNMENT-9-8-2015 (1).pdf80.41 KB
10-13-15 CPC Agenda .pdf202.49 KB
08-11-15 CPC Minutes.pdf6.68 KB
09-8-15 CPC Minutes.pdf6.77 KB

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