Special Events Insurance

The City of Redlands offers Special Events Insurance for individuals utilizing City facilities for their events through Alliant's Special Events Insurance Program. To obtain a quote for coverage, the City requests that you complete a Special Events Insurance Questionnaire and submit it to the Risk Management Division for consideration. Based on the answers to the questionnaire about your event, as well as your responses to any additional inquiries that may arise, a premium will be quoted for your event. Once received it your choice whether to accept or reject the quote.

If you should choose to reject the quote, but still wish to host the event, you may provide the City with a Certificate of Insurance that evidences the coverage required under the Special Events portion of the City's insurance requirements. Submissions are preferred to be emailed to baispuro@cityofredlands.org for consideration. Please include information regarding the Date, Location, and Time on the Certificate to assist in associating the proper document with the proper event.