General Plan

The General Plan is a policy document approved by the City Council. This document becomes the blueprint for the future of the City. Each section of the General Plan is called an element and there are some elements such as Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Conservation, Health & Safety, Noise and Housing which are mandatory. The City of Redlands has chosen to adopt additional optional elements including Growth Management, Human Services, Economic Development and City Design & Preservation. Jurisdictions can add elements such as these at their own discretion.

General Plan Map (Adopted 12/5/2017) (PDF)

Interactive General Plan Map (Adopted 12/5/2017)

General Plan Document (Adopted December 2017)
General Plan Updates


The City of Redlands has launched an exciting collaborative process to update the General Plan, the blueprint for future housing and commercial development, open space conservation, transportation improvements, and parks/trails expansion in our city. We are looking for ideas and input from everyone in the Redlands community, and invite you to get involved.

Get more information at our General Plan Update website by clicking here.

Redlands General Plan image


2.4.14 Adopted 2013-2021 Housing Element

Draft Housing Element Update 2013-2021

Negative Declaration for Housing Element Update

Report on Redlands Community Vision (pdf - 1mb)

note: viewing the large maps in the General Plan requires an Adobe Acrobat Reader which may be downloaded for free

General Plan Amendment

From time to time individuals or the City may wish to amend the General Plan. The State of California allows this to be done up to four (4) times a year. Since the City is limited to four General Plan Amendments a year there is a special schedule. Please see any staff member of the Planning Division of the Development Services Department for the General Plan Schedule.

In order to process a General Plan Amendment one must complete an application and pay the required fees. For a description of the process see the Development Process Introduction page. As mentioned earlier, the reviews will include the Environmental Review Committee, Planning Commission, and the City Council who will take final action. A Socio-Economic Cost Benefit Analysis will only be required if the General Plan Amendment is linked to a Development Application.