Planning Division

The Planning Division is responsible for long range planning; regional planning and coordination; environmental review of projects; development review, analysis, and compliance, historic preservation; redevelopment and economic development.
Functions include the preparation, maintenance, and implementation of the General Plan and Specific Plans that guide the development of the City of Redlands by providing the City with goals and objectives; coordination with regional planning agencies and surrounding jurisdictions on regional planning issues to include traffic and circulation, air pollution, signs, water, mining activities, Santa Ana Wash, open space, wildlife habitat, housing, flood control, and other regional issues; environmental review of projects to ensure they are evaluated so as to be in conformance with the California Environmental Quality Act; review and analysis of development projects to ensure compliance with the General Plan, Municipal Code and other development standards and criteria; administration and implementation of the provisions of the General Plan and Municipal Code pertaining to Historic Preservation and implementation of the economic development components of the General Plan. To view a summary of recent major projects, click here to view the Major Projects List.
The Planning Division serves the community in a number of ways by providing information, reviewing and evaluating projects, and assisting the development community in assuring projects are designed and developed in conformance with the City's General and Specific Plans. The Division receives direction from the Community Development Director, City Manager, City Council, and several boards and commissions to include the Planning Commission, Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission, and Environmental Review Committee. The Division works closely with other departments and agencies inside and outside of the City.
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