Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission


Through the individual and collective expertise of its members, the Municipal Utilities/Public Works Commission advises the Municipal Utilities and Public Works Engineering Department regarding the public acceptability of proposed plans, programs, and projects.


This commission meets at 4:00 p.m. first Monday of even numbered months

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Click Here for Regular Meeting Agenda for June 5, 2017 at 4:00 p.m

Municipal Utilities & Engineering Department
35 Cajon Street, Suite 15A
Staff Liaison: Michael Pool
Council Liaisons: Jon Harrison, Paul W. Foster

Department contact: Jane Weathers, 909-798-7527x6 or

Seven members are appointed by the City Council to serve a four-year term. Currently, the following individuals serve on this board: 

Member Term Start Term End
Richard Hernandez 2/5/13 11/16/20
Norman Miner 2/7/12 11/16/20
Tim Landis 3/18/14 11/16/20
Stephen P. Stockton, Chairperson 11/15/05 11/16/17
Shane Wellborn 3/18/14 11/16/17
William O. Bayne 11/18/14 11/16/18
Mark Stanson, Vice Chairperson 11/21/06 11/16/18

Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Cancellation Notices

April 17, 2017, draft Special Meeting Minutes (on June 5, 2017 agenda for approval)

April 17, 2017, Special Meeting Agenda

April 3, 2017, Regular Meeting CANCELLED

March 6, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes (approved at April 17, 2017 Special Meeting)

Consultant PowerPoint Presentation of Findings and Recommendation - IIAii for 3-6-17 agenda

February 22, 2017, Special Meeting Minutes (Approved at Mar. 6 Special Meeting)

March 6, 2017, Special Meeting Agenda

Quality of Life Solid Waste PowerPoint Presentation - MU/PWC 2-22-2017 Special Meeting

February 22, 2017, Special Meeting Agenda at WWTP/Tour Landfill

February 6, 2017, Regular Meeting Minutes (Approved at Feb. 22 Special Meeting)

February 6, 2017, Regular Meeting Agenda

Quality of Life Solid Waste Operations Presentation - MUPWC 2-6-2017 Meeting

Solid Waste Rate Adjustment Presentation - MUPWC 2-6-2017 Meeting

December 5, 2016, Regular Meeting CANCELLED

October 3, 2016, Regular Meeting CANCELLED

August 1, 2016, Regular Meeting CANCELLED

June 6, 2016, Regular Meeting CANCELLED

2015 MUPWC Agendas Cancellation Notices and Minutes Approved

Minutes of 4/4/16

Minutes of 2/1/16

Minutes of 6/2/14

Minutes of 5/15/14

Minutes of 4/7/14

Minutes of 1/23/14

Minutes of 12/2/13