What's in Season

What you can find at the Saturday Morning Farmers' Market right now....

In Season

A complete list of available produce is located at the bottom of the webpage!

Some produce you can find:

Cauliflower/Broccoli Cara Cara Oranges Radishes
Cauliflower/Broccoli Cara Cara Oranges Radishes

Asparagus Tomatoes Fresh Herbs
Asparagus Tomatoes Fresh Herbs
Fresh-cut flowers Fresh Eggs Carrots
Fresh-cut flowers Fresh eggs Fresh carrots
Lettuces Berries Shelling Peas
fresh lettuce fresh berries fresh peas
fresh artichoke    


And specialty products like Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals' Artisanal Salts and Loose Leaf Teas, Rustic Loaf's sourdough breads, and SunnysideLOCAL's jams

fresh products    fresh products

fresh bread    fresh jams

With new produce coming to market every season, keep checking this page to see some of the delicious fruits and vegetables you can find every weekend!

Food at the Market

Enjoy something to eat from one of our food vendors:

The Tamale Guy, Dingbat bars, Tochigan Salsa, Majestic Garlic, Simply Fancy Cuisine, and Garcia's Peanuts.

This Week's Picks and Recipes

Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata

Asparagus and Bok-Choy Frittata

Photo courtesy of foodandwine.com

Fresh asparagus from RS Farm and bok choy or cabbage from the Farmers' Markets would make a delicious frittata.

Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

Strawberry-Avocado Salsa

Photo courtesy of John Autry from myrecipes.com

A twist on every ones favorite snack. Fresh strawberries can be found at Angel Farm, Buenrostro Farm, Gaytan Farm, Hernandez Farm, Moises Farm, and RS Farm. Avocados can be found at Gilbert Ranch and Glencairn Farm.

New Farmers!

We are happy to welcome Spring Hill Cheese to Market Night! With Jersey Cheese in a variety of flavors, this is a definite stop on your weekly trip to the market.

Meet Our Farmers

The following farmers all accept SNAP. Some also accept WIC. Due to seasonality, not all farmers will be at the markets every week. Farmers only at Market Night will be noted with an (MN).

Farm Produce, Flowers, & Garden

Angel Farms

Arriaga (MN)

A West Waterwise

Buenrostro (MN)

Farquhar Farm (MN)

Futterman Farm (MN)

Gaytan Farm (MN)

Gilbert Ranch (MN)

Glencairn Farm

Hernandez Farm

Kincaid Farm

Menos Farm (MN)

Moises Farm (MN)

Morning Star Ranch (MN)

Rios Farm

RS Farm

Segura Ranch

Soffel Farm

T&D Farm (MN)

Three Red Hart's Grove (MN)

Timoteo Acres

Specialty Grocery & Prepared Food

Majestic Garlic

Tamale Guy

Dingbat Bars

Faby's Bees

Futterman Farm (MN)

Garcia's Peanuts

Hopkins Ag (MN)

Nuvo Olive Oil

Redlands Microgreens (MN)

Rolling Hills Herbs and Annuals

Simply Fancy Cuisine Bakery

Sunnyside LOCAL

Tochigan Salsa

Temecula Valley Honey Company, Dates by Davall, Drake Family Farm


Maust's California Poultry

Bread and Cheese

Muffin Top Bakery (MN)

Old Town Baking Co. (MN)

Rustic Loaf

Spring Hill Cheese (MN)

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