Farmer Profiles

Kincaid Farm

fresh flowers

Contact Person: Patricia Poole

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 792-3714

The Poole family started farming after the purchase of 3 acres of land that happened to have water shares here in Redlands.

To use the water a boysenberry patch that was already established was expanded.

"The farmers’ markets gave us an outlet for the fruit we couldn’t use. We were soon hooked on marketing, finding that a gardening hobby could pay the water bills and assessments. Being “retired” other crops were tried; the most successful being boysenberries, blackberries, flowers, peaches, tomatoes, snap peas, and long beans.

Drip technology has made it possible to successfully grow these crops. Currently I use eight hours of help per week for growing. Weeds are mowed or hand weeded. I’ve found beneficial insects are a good solution to pest control. However, we decided against organic certification because of the cost and thought we wouldn’t be selling that long.

Our produce is sold only at Redlands farmers’ markets. However for years Kincaid Farm berries have been sold in June at Santa Monica and Hollywood farmers markets. Without farmers markets Kincaid Farm would certainly be abandoned."

fresh flowers    fresh flowers


Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals

A Certified Organic Grower

Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals sign

Contact Person: Carrie-Anne Parker

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 362-7658


Social Media: Instagram: RollingHillsHeirlooms Facebook: Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals 

"Rolling Hills, it is so much more than a business name. It is our home. 

Out the backdoor we grow heirloom nursery stock. Step out the side gate and you enter our orchard and edible landscape. Walk up to our front door and you pass beds of flowers, herbs, and botanicals that will one day be handcrafted into artisan herb sea salts or cut bouquets. 

We are a family business, dedicated to agriculture and floriculture being as fresh, local, and sustainable as possible. This is why as growers we specialize in offering the home kitchen & flower gardener a wide array of heirloom herb, vegetable, and melon & flower starter plants for them to tuck into their garden plot. 

Above all, we are passionate about preserving our food heritage and protecting bio-diversity. This is why we grow and sell only pure heirloom and open-pollinated seed. This is why our home orchard & gardens are full of heritage varieties of stone fruits, herbs & rare edibles that we offer seasonally at local farmers markets or use in our artisan tea or sea salt blends. We know that as we savor the fragrance, beauty, pure flavor of yesterday, together we will make a difference in preserving them for our tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding, WE ARE NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC without an appointment."

fresh flowers     fresh flowers

Click here to learn more about Carrie-Anne Parker and Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals

Simply Fancy Cuisine

woman making pies

Contact Person: Angela Brooks-Van Niel

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County


Social Media: Twitter: SimplyFancyCuis Facebook: SimplyFancyCuisine


"Hello! Bon Jour! Guten Tag! Hola! Ciao!

Welcome and Thank You for stopping by my culinary creation profile and supporting my cookbooks, pastries, and brand under Simply Fancy Cuisine (SFC). SFC is an Award Winning, homemade gourmet, sweet & savory Farm to Table Patisserie located in the Inland Empire community of Redlands, CA.

I am Angela Brooks-Van Niel, the Culinary Artist behind SFC. Although I have a master’s degree it is not in the culinary arts. I have no Cordon Bleu or AI degrees or certifications. But, what I do have is a lifetime of training from my southern grandmother (RIP, Mamie), my Kosher friends, and my Neapolitan and Sicilian neighbors. I have taken what I’ve learned and coupled that with my own unique and creative palate to create great fare.

SFC is a cottage industry, meaning I’m licensed and inspected so I can cook out of my home kitchen. SFC can handle your small intimate get togethers to galas hosting 500+. In the near future SFC will have a brick and mortar location to better serve our clients. But until then…"

cake from Simply Fancy Cuisine

Timoteo Acres

fresh vegetables

Contact Person: Bren Medina

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 693-8900

Social Media:  Instagram: Timoteo Acres

Different name, familiar faces

Grandpa Tom Archibald has been farming in the Inland Empire for over 60 years and is best known for his delicious Garnet yams and sweet potatoes. As a child under the guidance of his grandpa, Bren Medina learned the complex, difficult task of producing quality produce as an adult. Although Bren spent his entire life around the farm, he began working with his Grandpa Tom only about 5 years ago. 

Timoteo Acres is located on 2.5 acres of land within the San Timoteo Canyon. Here they grow potatoes, yams, various melons (Tuscan melon, cantaloupe, Korean melon, yellow watermelon... to name a few), and other vegetables. Although not open to the public, they still bring their fresh vegetables to Downtown Redlands' Thursday Market Night and Saturday Morning Certified Farmers' Market, Alta Dena's Farmers' Market on Wednesdays, and Beverly Hills Farmers' Market on Sunday.

Having a smaller operation, there are two other workers on the farm. Vanessa and Ben- both of whom have been working alongside Bren for some time now- help to make this business the farm that we know and love. 

fresh onions    fresh watermelon


Good Food Awards winner

Contacts: Mindy Kuhn or Jane Crawford

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 496-0765


Social Media: Facebook: Sunnysidelocal Produce and Nursery

Mindy Kuhn and Jane Crawford have a certain philosophy about food: "As much as possible[,] eat sustainably grown food that is raised locally and tastes great."

SunnysideLOCAL Produce has been operating as a business since 2009, so 6 years now. They started with a fruit stand at SunnysideLOCAL Farm and then graduated to farmers markets soon after that. As their business continues to grow they maintain the goal of continuing at the farmers’ markets but also branching into wholesaling their preserves and caramels to small shops.

Mindy Kuhn’s first experience with farming came through her grandparents and their blueberry bushes. Her grandparents were from Pennsylvania and always kept these plants and diligently cared for them; protecting them from birds, raccoons, and other animals that all urban farmers face when growing food.

The drought has affected many of their fruits and vegetables. Many species are flowering and producing weeks before they are traditionally supposed to. Their stonefruit crops have been producing less in volume because of lack of chill hours. To cope with the change in watering conditions, they recently went to a 100% drip irrigation system that is helping to conserve water as well as cutback on their water bill.

Their heirloom tomatoes are coming in and they will soon have jarred sauces. They also have a basil crop nearly ready for harvest that will be made into a fresh Genovese Pesto. Of course they are known for their preserves and marmalades; currently they are working on a peach, plum, strawberry, and orange marmalade, and soon, a pepper jam. Last, but certainly not least, there are their award-winning caramels. The winner of the Good Food Award for 2015, their Salted Orange Wheat Beer Caramel is made using their own oranges and Hangar 24 Orange Wheat Beer

  food products from SunnysideLOCAL

Photos Courtesy of SunnysideLOCAL

Rustic Loaf

 Rustic Loaf booth

Location (city, county): Upland, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 920-4267


Social Media: Facebook: The Rustic Loaf

The Rustic Loaf began with a visit to Europe in 2001 and numerous trips to the local farmers' markets to buy vegetables, cheese, and locally baked bread. 

“Thick, hearty crusts, meaty, flavor-filled bread[s] that left a person feeling satisfied.” It was after this trip that the owner of the Rustic Loaf made it a goal to provide this delicious bread at home using similar techniques and standards to those in Europe.

The baking process can be complex; all of their sourdough breads are made entirely by hand using the French process of triple fermentation. This begins 48 hours before baking where fresh flour, spring water, and a natural starter kept back from the previous bake are all combined. After 12 hours of the “first” fermentation, this active starter is added to flour, water, and sea salt where it is then mixed to a dough and fermented for four hours in the “second” fermentation. The “third” fermentation is after the dough has been divided and formed and is when it proofs. They are then placed in a cooler and baked in the morning on a hearth stone oven where after, they make it to your local farmer’s markets.

Some of the delicious breads you can find are: French Country Sourdough, Lemon Rosemary, Cranberry Walnut, Jalapeno Jack, and many more.

  man placing dough into the oven

Photos Courtesy of The Rustic Loaf

Glencairn Farm

 fresh fruit at Glencairn Farm booth

Contact person: Andy Cunningham

Location (city, county): Redlands, San Bernardino County

Phone: (909) 793-9558


A part of Redlands for many years, Glencairn Farm has been in business since 1980.

The Cunninghams grow citrus, avocado, asian pears, pomegranates, and more on 18 acres of land. They have around 2,000 avocado trees and around the same amount of citrus trees that span over their property. Many of these trees, a majority actually, were hand planted in late 1970. Since then the Cunninghams have continued to plant more trees, utilizing as much space as possible. They also have about 60 chickens on their property. Every Thursday Market Night and Saturday Morning Farmers' Market, one can find some of the best citrus and avocadoes.

Since starting farming the main characteristic of farming that has changed for the Cunninghams is how personalized farming has become. By coming to the farmers' markets Andy and his family are able to talk to their regular customers and this makes the farmers' markets, and farming, even more special.

Even though the farm is not open to the public, Glencairn Farm can be found at both the Redlands' markets as well as Wrightwood on Fridays and the Grove market in Redlands on Saturdays. They also have a stand at the base of their property where you can find their produce about every day of the week.

 fresh fruit    fresh fruit

Maust's California Poultry

Maust's California Poultry booth

Contact person: Priscilla

Location (city, county): Hemet (Riverside County), Mentone (San Bernardino County),

and Chino (San Bernardino County)

Phone: (951) 767-9329


Maust's California Poultry began in 1965 with a grandfather, was passed down to an uncle, and now takes part in our Redlands Saturday Morning Market with the help of a niece.

This is a family business through and through yet it is by no means small. In their Hemet location the chicks are housed, when ready they move into a new home in Mentone where they lay eggs, and when they are ready to retire they move to a home in Chino.

They hope to expand their business by shifting to free range classification with the purchase of more land in the future. What's the difference between cage free and free range? Cage free means the chickens are free to roam and exhibit natural behaviors however they have limited, to no, outdoor access. Free range means they share all the benefits of being cage free but gain outdoor access. With the hopes to purchase more land, Maust's CA poultry hopes to give this outdoor access to their chickens- making them even happier!

They have a small shop that is open in Chino to the public, and with a phone call one can visit the other locations.

 fresh eggs

RS Farms

RS Farms fresh produce stand

Contact person: Victor

Location (city, county): Riverside, Riverside County

Phone: (951) 427-6487

More than 20 years in business and 15 acres of land has allowed RS farms to produce some of the best produce around and bring it to our farmers' market!

RS has 15 acres but looks to expand in Riverside by adding 10 more acres for berries. They also hope to use more acreage for strawberries; currently they are using 2 to 3 acres but hope to expand to 5.

How did you become interested in farming? Victor replies, " Growing up with my dad. I liked how he drove the tractor!" Every Saturday Victor is at the farmers' market in Redlands catching up with regular customers. He and RS bring fresh produce such as tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce, squash, and peppers to the market every week. As the seasons shift we will be seeing more bell peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli at the markets.

The public can always visit the farm, just call ahead. They do have a stand that is open 7 days a week from 9 to 5. They are also at the farmers' markets in Alhambra, Claremont, and Downtown Riverside.

fresh asparagus    fresh produce

Angel Farm

Angel Farm fresh produce

Contact person: Adrian

Location (city, county): Mira Loma, Riverside County

Phone: (951) 934-3180

Participating in only a few farmers' markets, we truly are grateful to have Adrian and Angel Farm at our Saturday Morning Farmers' Market!

Angel farm has only been in business for three years and yet it has become a staple for many regulars at the Saturday Morning Market. Always with green onions, carrots, and fresh herbs like basil and mint, Adrian provides some variety to the produce at the market.

His farm is 2.5 acres and he plans on buying more land in the future. This land will help to bring more to market: more produce and more varieties of produce.

In season now you can find those carrots, green onions, and herbs along with eggplant, cilantro, dill, beets, kale, squash, onion, and peppers (hot and bell). When the fall season really starts to hit, there will be cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and other winter crops. Adrian, like many farmers, grow what is in season and therefore whatever is at his booth is guaranteed to be fresh and in season.

His farm is open to the public, one only has to call and drop by. However he is also present at Highland Park's and Echo Park's Farmers' Markets.

fresh radishes

Nuvo Olive Oil

bottles of oils from Nuvo Olive Oil

Contact: Josh and/ or Nathan Mardigian

Location (City, County): Costa Mesa, Orange County

Phone: (844) 688-6645


Social Media: Instagram (nuvo_olive_oil); LinkedIn and Facebook (Nuvo Olive Oil); Twitter (@nuvooliveoil)

Nuvo Olive Oil is a wonderful addition to the Saturday Morning Farmers' Market that provides Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flavored Crush, and Balsamic Vinegars!

Josh and Nathan are two brothers that founded Nuvo Olive Oil after reviving an abandoned olive orchard of 125 year old Mission Trees. When visiting the market and Nuvo Olive Oil’s booth, you will instantly hear the passion they have towards their business and what they do. They will provide the history of their farm as well as a plethora of information about their product and the numerous health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (E.V.O.O.). They will also make up their own special concoctions for sampling... make sure to visit them on Saturday mornings!

bottles of oils from Nuvo Olive Oil

Majestic Garlic

fresh garlic

Contact: Nick

Location (City, County): La Cañada, Los Angeles County

Phone: (877) 788-7755


Social Media: Facebook (Majestic Garlic); Twitter (MajesticG_AZ)

Garlic... we love it. Majestic Garlic has been a part of the Saturday Market for many years and continues to bring delicious sprouted hummus, picked garlic, and garlic spreads.

Every Saturday, Majestic Garlic is at the market and ready to tell you all about the various products that Majestic Garlic offers. They have numerous hummus spreads such as: Awesome Berry, Beets, Cayenne, Chipotle, Cilantro Jalapeno, Sun Dried Tomato, and more. They also carry garlic spreads such as: Basil Garlic, Cayenne, Cilantro, and more. Lastly, they have picked garlic.

A West Waterwise

cacti and other succulents

Contact: John O'Kane

Location (City, County): Riverside, Riverside County

Phone: (951) 233-3233

Social Media: Facebook (a westwaterwise landscape and maintenance)

With the help of A West Waterside Landscape and Maintenance, one can reduce water usage through a drought-tolerant landscape.

There is a huge need to reduce water usage in our community as well as others. John O'Kane is a certified producer of cacti and other succulents. Through his business he can help remove grass and, utilizing the plants he grows, create an earth friendly yard. Each landscape he designs is both one of a kind and easy to maintain.

A West Waterwise is also at the Riverside Farmers' Market on Fridays and at the Laguna Niguel Farmers' Market on Sundays.

cacti and other succulents

Faby's Bees

owners at Faby's Bees

Contact: Leobardo Becerra

Location (city, county): Rialto, San Bernardino county

Phone: (909) 658-4131

You can never have too much honey!

A recent addition to the Saturday Morning Certified Farmers' Market, Faby's Bees has quickly become an integral part of the market.

Leobardo keeps his hives located in four locations throughout the El Rancho Verde golf course. When he began the business he had hives located closer to the San Gabriel Mountains. However after the closure of the golf course in 2011, and with help from the mayor of Rialto, Leobardo was able to relocate his business to El Rancho Verde.

He has been working in the honey business for over 4 years now. When the business first started there were only 96 hives and since then they have continued to grow every year. Currently they are at around 300 hives located in four areas throughout the golf course. They produce many varieties of pure raw honey such as traditional Orange Blossom. Make sure to stop by and visit them at the Saturday Morning Farmers' Market!

fresh honey from Faby's Bees

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