Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW)

Please fill out the application completely, including section 7. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Along with the application, you will also need three letters of character reference. These letters must be signed and cannot be from a relative or an employee of the Redlands Police Department. You must have a handgun registered to you in the State of California. You will also need a copy of one of the following to show proof of residency within the City of Redlands. Do not sign the application.

A copy of your most recent utility bills, I.E. gas, water, electric or trash
(home phone bills or cell phone bills are not accepted).

Rental agreement or a copy of your deed with a parcel number or any other sufficient proof of full-time residency in the City of Redlands will suffice. Your name must appear on the utility bill, deed or rental agreement.

See the attached CCW application instructions for further information.

Prior to meeting with your background investigator, you will need to have the release of information waiver completed and notarized. This document is available for download on this website at the bottom of this page. Do not send these documents with the application.

Permissible calibers for a Redlands PD CCW Permit
Minimum - .25 caliber
Maximum - .45 caliber

FN 5.7 x 28mm is not permissible

Once you have completed the application and you have the required documents, please mail the originals to the following address:

Walk-in applications will not be accepted

Redlands Police Department
P.O. Box 1025
Redlands Ca, 92373

Attn: CCW applications

Several weeks may be required for preliminary review of your application.

At this time we do not have an estimate on how long the process will take.

The fees you can expect to pay for the CCW are:

$120 for live scan/DOJ fee

$100 administrative fee/20% of this fee will be due when you are fingerprinted. The remaining 80% will be due when the CCW is granted.CCW is granted.

Types of payment for the fees are: Cash, Checks and Money Orders

You will also need to take a firearms safety class that will cost approximately $100

Please be aware that applicants are responsible for any additional fees that may come up during the background process. (An example of this is a few agencies charge fees for running agency records checks.)

All fees are non-refundable

The firearms safety class must be approved prior to taking the class.

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted to have your live scan fingerprints taken and begin the background process.

Select here for your  CCW Application
CCW Release of information waiver
CCW Application instructions
CCW Application renewal
CCW Training

Please email with any questions you may have. 

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