Residential Development Application

The RDA process is the implementation of the City's Growth Management Regulations which sets up an approval process for all Tract Homes built in quantities greater then four (4). Basically it sets up a review of the aesthetics and services for a project with points assigned to each category. Each of the following groups makes a recommendation to the City Council and the maximum number of points for each category is shown and the total number of points possible is 141. In order to obtain a permit the applicant must obtain a minimum of ninety (90) points. Then point values and the reviewing parties are listed below:

Standard Reviewing Party Maximum
Point Value
Architectural Design Planning Commission 10
Site and Grading Design Planning Commission 13
Circulation Planning Commission 7
Landscaping Planning Commission 10
Open Space Planning Commission 5
Consistency with Zone Planning Commission 5
Proximity to Parks Planning Division 2
Preservation of Agriculture Planning Division 10
Project Phasing Planning Division 5
Location of Project Planning Division 15
Fire Protection & Emergency Assistance Fire Department 10
Storm and Flood Drainage Public Works Department 5
Water Municipal Utilities Department 7
Sewer Municipal Utilities Department 7
Streets Public Works Department 5
Schools Redlands Unified School District 10
Preservation of Historic Resources Historic and Scenic Preservation Commission 5
Low Income/Senior Housing Housing Commission 10

RDA applications are reviewed four times a year with the following schedule:

  • Submission Deadline of January 15 with points to be awarded by March 31.
  • Submission Deadline of April 15 with points to be awarded by June 30.
  • Submission Deadline of July 15 with points to be awarded by September 30.
  • Submission Deadline of October 15 with points to be awarded by December 31.

The applicant must submit all required plans and fees for the entire process. The day of submission will determine future Planning Commission and City Council Agenda dates. This application requires thirty (30) sets of plans. Plans must be folded to a size no more than 81/2" x 14" and be stapled, collated, and bound by a rubber band. Site, Landscape, and Grading Plans shall not exceed an engineering scale of 1"=40' and floor plans or elevations no smaller then 1/4"= 1'. In this application it is important that the plans show the necessary details so that the correct number of points can be assigned. The architectural, landscaping, and grading plans should be sufficiently detailed so that a proper analysis can be preformed. Prior to submitting your RDA Application please see staff for any special requirements that relate to your site or project.